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About ZVSF

Zimbabwe Victims’ Support Fund is a relief organisation, founded in 2002, for the support of some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the Matabeleland region of Zimbabwe. At the time, none of those involved envisaged that, more than 20 years later, the need is greater than ever.

Who We Are

Zimbabwe Victims' Support Fund is a UK-registered charity set up to bridge the gap between partners directly involved in the relief of hunger and extreme poverty in Matabeleland and UK-based supporters wanting to support some of those in the greatest need. Supporters and donors are now drawn from a wide range of individuals, groups and churches from across the UK and beyond.

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What We Do

Zimbabwe Victims' Support Fund delivers both relief and sustainable feeding programmes through a dedicated team and partner organisations within Zimbabwe. 

Read more below about our food distribution and community garden project.

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With so much hunger in Zimbabwe, our team work in local communities such as Lupane to identify those in greatest need to distribute maize meal, known as mealie meal. As funds permit, we also distribute a highly nutritional food, e'Pap, to those who are severely malnourished, particularly among the children and the elderly. 



Open-pollinated (OPV) seed maize has the benefit of being replanted each year, offering a sustainable food source to the grower. ZVSF is proud to partner with the Mike Campbell Foundation to distribute OPV maize to subsistence farmers in Matabeleland.



In 2023, ZVSF have partnered with the City Presbyterian Church in Bulawayo and the Zimbabwe Democracy Development Trust (ZDDT) to provide funding for Intuthuko Nutritional Garden, with irrigated allotments of up to 12.5 acres in total. When complete, up to 125 families will benefit from this garden, which will be self-supporting and self-governing under a stakeholder management committee and constitution.

Meet our team

The ZVSF partner team in Bulawayo work closely with the UK Trustees and include trusted volunteers, pastors and community leaders working amongst the most disadvantaged communities in Matabeleland.

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Meet the Trustees

Collectively, the UK Trustees represent considerable experience of living and working in Africa, and Zimbabwe in particular. Two of the Trustees have served as mission partners in the country, appointed by the Methodist Church in the UK.


Pastor Albert Chatindo

Pastor Chatindo was a key driver in setting up our work and ensuring that it reached some of those in the greatest need in Matabeleland. We relied heavily upon his wide experience and deep spiritual wisdom until his untimely death in September 2021.

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