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News from Zimbabwe


Cathy Buckle exposes the oppression and torture that ordinary Zimbabweans are experiencing when seeking peaceful change.

A UNICEF report on the severe food poverty that children in Zimbabwe are experiencing.

As political and financial troubles are compounded by a devastating drought, ZVSF has issued a special appeal to increase relief feeding in Matabeleland.

Three Goats and the Old Man's Wisdom

From Cathy Buckle's blog in March 2024, illustrating the tragedy and famine that is unfolding in Zimbabwe.


Cathy Buckle provides a vivid picture of life on the ground in Zimbabwe and the suffering that is being experienced on a national scale.

Watch Fadzayi Mahere's 11-minute address to the 15th Annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy in May 2023.

Read a report by Christina Lamb in the UK Sunday Times from 29th January 2023.

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